Photo credit: Sylvia M. Hurynowicz
Photo credit: Aleš Rosa

Hi, my name is Eva Jakimoska. I have loved to draw since I can remember. Illustration is only a tiny part of what I love and do, there is also design, sculpting, painting, music, dancing, working with people, organising events and much more.

I’ve had three solo exhibitions and few collaborating. At two of them I showcased illustrations, the third was my first forage into sculpting, where I made 8 different statues; 8 people from different kinds of cultural backgrounds and also representing different styles of music.

  • I’m a  vinyl only DJane, my top picks when it comes to genres are old school hiphop, beats, funk, soul, afrobeat, latino and juke/footwork. I started out as a part of a duo by the name of DJ Saraieva with my buddy Sara, when I spin on my own I’m Moska (previously DJ Emba).
  • I compile playlists for my own radio show Mishmash Mo at the funkiest internet radio station there is: Radio Nula.
  • I am an event organiser. Under the umbrella of our hip hop collective GOR we’ve organised a series of three events called Sistaz Jam, an annual event celebrating the women in hip hop called Bgirls do it Better and our biggest and internationally most renowned hip hop event by the name King of the Concrete.

I also organised two Mishmash Mo’ events in Graz. First one on my own, the second one got a bit bigger so I expanded the organisation team. The  main point of these events is joining different cities with their cultural scenes and with them, open new windows of possibilities for future collaborations.

The most important thing for me is imagination – I want to keep my inner child, the enthusiasm for the random things in life and searching for stories everywhere.